Investor Relations

Corporate Profile

FG Communities Inc is a self-administered, self-managed real estate investment company headquartered in North Carolina. We have a growing portfolio of manufactured housing communities which we own and operate. FG Communities Inc works to improve the quality of life and maintain affordable housing options for our residents.

Opportunities to Invest with

FG Communities Inc.

How can you invest with us?

FG Communities Inc. will offer investment opportunities in the future. Please keep in touch follow our progress.


Investors can reach us at [email protected].

Why Choose Us?

FG Communities, Inc adds value to our properties through professional management and operational improvements. 


Experienced Team

Each member of our team brings unique skills and determination to building FG Communities.


Sell Your Community

We are always seeking communities where we can add value and improve lives.


FG Communities

Our current portfolio of properties provides affordable homes in the Southeastern U.S.