FG Communities in Charlotte and Winston-Salem

Three New FG Communities in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We are thrilled to announce our latest acquisitions — three manufactured housing communities, two located in Charlotte and one in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, featuring approximately 82 homesites. These acquisitions mark a significant step toward our mission of procuring and safeguarding manufactured housing communities at affordable prices, ensuring housing remains within reach for countless families.

The success of our approach is evident as we persist in our mission to preserve and improve affordable housing while expanding our portfolio of homesites. Our most recent acquisitions in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, in addition to Henderson County, NC, are a testament to the robust pipeline we’ve diligently constructed.

Reflecting on our journey, we’ve previously announced the acquisition of mobile home communities in Burlington, Graham, and Denver, North Carolina. Together with our latest acquisitions, these strategic additions significantly contribute to our cash flow and underscore our capability to identify and execute opportunities in the Southeastern US manufactured housing market.

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About FG® Communities

FG Communities is a self-administered, self-managed real estate investment company. The company has a growing portfolio of 27 manufactured housing communities with approximately 693 home sites, which are owned or under contract to be acquired. FG Communities works to improve the quality of life and maintain affordable housing options for its residents.